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Steve GorneySteve Gorney, President & Founder of s-go LLC, founded s-go Consulting in 2003. He has held senior Sales & Marketing management positions in world-class technology firms for nearly twenty-three years.

His philosophy is to "keep doing the work". He loves being involved in every project and especially enjoys creating great content and design rather than the administrative tasks of running a company. He is a successful entrepreneur and builder of brands using the principals of integrated marketing in the digital media age.

He was also the Founder/CEO of Glyph Technologies ( in Ithaca, NY from 1993-2001. Glyph is still the dominant brand in high performance data storage and storage network solutions for the digital audio production market. (music, film, TV, radio and multimedia production)

Joomla! SEO Bootcamp

Joomla! websites can succeed or fail in the quest for website traffic and search engine relevance, just like any other website. Joomla! has built in features and functions that help site owners and developers setup the website properly using best practices techniques. But before you get through the specifics of how to program Joomla for SEO properly, you need a good understanding of SEO practices in general. This session is great for SEO beginners, site owners that want better traffic and even experienced developers.

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Think SEO First/Then Develop or Update
  3. Where Does My Joomla! Website Stand Now?
  4. The Importance of Keywords/Key Phrases
  5. Content is King – What Google Likes
  6. The Importance of Back links
  7. Joomla! Core SEO Specifics
  8. What Joomla! Plug-ins?
  9. What about Joomla! 1.6?

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Joomla! SEO Bootcamp

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