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Louis LandryHailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Louis Landry works in Web development, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Louisiana Tech University. His first experience with computers was playing on a 286 with Basic at his father's office. Louis has programmed in many languages, ranging from low level x86 assembly to managed languages like Java, and scripting languages like PHP. Louis was a founding member of his university's robotics team. Additionally, he is a car nut, and enjoys working on them in his spare time.

The Road Ahead for Joomla!

The demands of a constantly evolving web make it difficult for applications to remain relevant for very long.  The way people interact with software is changing as lines blur between desktop and web applications, interfaces becomes more personal, data portability moves from a privilege to a right.  This session will explore how the Joomla! Platform will continue to grow and thrive as we look to the future. Topics discussed will include the following:

- Time-based release cycle and the Joomla Idea Pool.
- Small software vendors and ad-hoc groups driving innovation.
- Decoupling framework expansion and improvement from CMS development.
- Rethinking content and how we consume it.

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